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Tony Parker

Tony Parker

Tony Parker is an Eisner-nominated comic artist and illustrator. He has drawn for nearly all major comic companies, is an Inkwell judge, and a former college professor. He was Eisner nominated for line art adapting Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep as a graphic novel. He is a co-creator of MAYDAY with Alex de Campi and This Damned Band (Dark Horse) with Paul Cornell.

Latest Releases

Mayday #5 Mayday #5 Mar 29, 2017
Mayday #4 Mayday #4 Feb 22, 2017
Mayday #3 Mayday #3 Jan 18, 2017
Mayday #2 Mayday #2 Dec 14, 2016
Mayday #1 Mayday #1 Nov 2, 2016

Collected Editions