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Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore

Stuart Moore is a writer, a book editor, and an award-winning comics editor. He is the writer/cocreator of EGOs, an original sf/superhero series from Image Comics. His other recent work includes The Zodiac Legacy, a series of illustrated prose novels created and cowritten by Stan Lee (Disney Publishing Worldwide); and Civil War, the first in an ongoing line of novels from Marvel Comics. Stuart’s comics writing includes Convergence: Legion of Superheroes and Firestorm (DC Comics); Wolverine Noir and Namor: The First Mutant (Marvel); assorted Star Trek and Transformers projects (IDW); and the science-fiction graphic novels Earthlight (Tokyopop), PARA and Shadrach Stone (both Penny-Farthing Press), and Mandala (Dark Horse).

Latest Releases

EGOs #9 EGOs #9 Jan 13, 2016
EGOs #8 EGOs #8 Jul 22, 2015
EGOs #7 EGOs #7 Apr 1, 2015
EGOs #6 EGOs #6 Mar 4, 2015
EGOs #5 EGOs #5 Feb 4, 2015
EGOs #4 EGOs #4 Apr 30, 2014

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