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Steven T. Seagle

About Man of Action Entertainment/Steven T. Seagle: Man of Action Entertainment, the bi-coastal creative studio started in 2000, created the megahit Ben 10 and Generator Rex for Cartoon Network. Man of Action, a writers collective, served as co-executive producer and writer for Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man and is currently an executive producer/writer for Marvel's Avengers Assemble on Disney XD. Man of Action Entertainment consists of creators Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle. Disney/Marvel's Academy Award®-winning feature Big Hero 6 utilized the characters and team created by Man of Action as credited in the main titles. The film marked the first time Disney turned Marvel comic book characters into an animated film and is also the first film based on a comic book I.P. to win an Academy Award®. The quartet collectively worked on the largest franchise characters in comics from Superman to X-Men before refocusing on creating new worlds and characters for their own original comic books and graphic novels published through their Man of Action imprint at Image Comics.

In comics, Seagle is best known for his semi-autobiographical graphic novel it's a bird... and House of Secrets, both from DC Comics/Vertigo, Genius from 1:2—which USA Today named one of the best graphic novels of 2013—and The Red Diary/The RE[a]D Diary flip book, the Eisner-nominated noir thriller KAFKA (now in development for television), and the kid-friendly books Batula and Frankie Stein, all from the Man of Action imprint at Image Comics. His limited run comic book series, Imperial, recently debuted as a graphic novel and this October, he debuts Camp Midnight, a new original graphic novel. Man of Action Entertainment is also producing the feature films Officer Downe and I Kill Giants based on Man of Action original graphic novels. Man of Action Entertainment will also be creating/writing/producing a new Mega Man animated series with 26 episodes in 2017 for Dentsu and Capcom and they are also returning to their original creation as Executive Producers of a new Ben 10 series for Cartoon Network. If you want to know more about Man of Action, you can follow them at their not-so-secret headquarters on the Web at http://www.ManOfAction.TV

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