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Rafael Scavone

Rafael Scavone

Rafael Scavone started his career in 2014 editing comic books alongside Rafael Albuquerque at their own publisher, Stout Club. Since then, he has worked for DC Comics writing popular characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman. He is currently writing Hit-Girl for Image Comics and adapting the award-winning story A Study in Emerald, from Neil Gaiman, for Dark Horse Comics. Rafael lives in Brazil, loves to hear and tell stories, spending most of his time among comic books, music, and friends.

Latest Releases

Hit-Girl #12 Hit-Girl #12 Jan 9, 2019
Hit-Girl #11 Hit-Girl #11 Dec 12, 2018
Hit-Girl #10 Hit-Girl #10 Nov 14, 2018
Hit-Girl #9 Hit-Girl #9 Oct 17, 2018

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