Phillip Sevy

Phillip Sevy

Phillip Sevy loves comics. Always has. Always will. He drew his first one at age four. Over 25 years later, he was a runner-up in the Top Cow Talent Hunt 2014 and his career began. He graduated with an MFA in Sequential Art from SCAD and has worked for Top Cow, Black Mask, Valiant, Zenescope, Action Lab, and, most notably, on a long run of Tomb Raider for Dark Horse. In between drawing projects, he self-published Paradox and wrote The House (with artist Drew Zucker). Phillip lives in Utah with his wife (just one) and kids (only two). You can keep up with his work at

Latest Releases

The Freeze #4 cover The Freeze #4 Mar 13, 2019
The Tithe #8 cover The Tithe #8 Feb 17, 2016
The Tithe #7 cover The Tithe #7 Dec 16, 2015

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