Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is an often controversial writer who was part of the “British wave” of writers who worked for DC Comic’s adult Vertigo line. His notable work include Shade The Changing Man, the highly controversial Skin, The Extremist, and Enigma. His X-Statix was a hugely-popular re-imagining of the Marvel Comics’ X-Men world.

He has recently written Shadowman for Valiant Comics, Terminal Hero for Dynamic Forces, and a creator-owned series for Vertigo called The Names, besides writing a new Doop mini-series for Marvel Comics, Doop being the unexpected and absurd "breakout" character from the X-Statix hit.

Peter was also the longest writer on Hellblazer, telling the dark tales of now-TV character John Constantine.

His recent work includes New Romancer, the highly controversial THE DISCIPLINE, and soon-to-be-published Britannia.

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