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Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer is a London-based comics writer, best known for his creator-owned Image titles like the genre-bending mystery series MORNING GLORIES, the gory & gritty crime procedural BEDLAM, and the high concept sci-fi thriller THE INFINITE VACATION-- as well as his work at Marvel and DC Comics on Secret Avengers, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Cloak & Dagger, Thunder Agents, Jimmy Olsen, and Avengers World. He also collaborated with Robert Kirkman on the inaugural arc of THIEF OF THIEVES at Image, and with Jonathan Hickman on Avengers.

Latest Releases

The Fix #12 The Fix #12 Jun 13, 2018
The Fix #13 The Fix #13 May 30, 2018
The Fix #11 The Fix #11 Mar 7, 2018
The Fix #10 The Fix #10 Dec 6, 2017
The Fix #9 The Fix #9 May 10, 2017
The Fix #8 The Fix #8 Feb 22, 2017

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