Matt Wagner

Matt Wagner

Matt Wagner has enjoyed a career in comics for over thirty years and is best known for one of comicdom's most respected creator-owned titles—the centuries-spanning epic Grendel and his more personal fantasy allegory MAGE. As both a writer and an artist, Matt has also worked on a wide variety of established characters over the years including memorable projects starring DC Comics icon Batman. His other mainstream work includes Sandman Mystery Theatre, Dr. Mid-Nite, Green Arrow, Trinity, Madame Xanadu, Zorro, Green Hornet; Year One, The Shadow; Year One as well as a 75th anniversary relaunch of Will Eisner’s iconic character The Spirit.

Lauded for his character-driven stories and his obvious love of world history and mythologies, Matt’s efforts have won multiple Eisner Awards. He has also enjoyed the distinction of being one of the only writer/artists to team his own creation with one of DC's flagship characters in two successive Batman/Grendel crossover publications. He later continued the same motif in another critically acclaimed crossover event, writing and drawing Grendel vs The Shadow.

Matt recently returned to the scribe duties on Zorro as he teamed with renowned film-maker Quentin Tarantino to craft a Django/Zorro crossover that was co-published by Dynamite and DC Comics. His latest project was both writing and drawing The Shadow: The Death Of Margo Lane.

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