Phantom Road Webskin
Martín Morazzo

Martín Morazzo

Martín Morazzo is an artist based in Argentina who first came to the attention of US comics readers through his artwork on the webcomic Absolute Magnitude, which was published via DC's now-defunct online imprint Zuda Comics. Then, he started working with writer Joe Harris, and published GREAT PACIFIC through Image Comics. Martin is now illustrating SNOWFALL, again written by Joe Harris and published by Image Comics!

Latest Releases

Art Brut #4 Art Brut #4 Mar 15, 2023
ART BRUT #3 ART BRUT #3 Feb 15, 2023
Art Brut #2 Art Brut #2 Jan 18, 2023
Art Brut #1 Art Brut #1 Dec 14, 2022
Dark Ride #1 Dark Ride #1 Oct 5, 2022

Collected Editions

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