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Marco B. Bucci

Marco B. Bucci

Marco B. Bucci, born in 1981, represents a new breed of storyteller. Photographer, designer, illustrator and writer, in 2004 he founded Studio Dronio with Jacopo Camagni, with whom he created Magna Veritas, a comic book series published by Soleil in France in 2005. He also wrote the backstory of Dogs of War, a CMON Ltd board-game, and co-created the tabletop RPG Memento Mori. In 2018 he co-wrote Codex Gigas, a Memento Mori companion book that serves as a full-fledged grimoire as well. As of today, he still juggles between his activity as a photographer for some of the most prestigious fashion labels, the artistic production of role-playing games manuals as well as a writer for comics and novels.

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