Justin Greenwood

Justin Greenwood

JUSTIN GREENWOOD is a Bay Area comic artist best known for his work on creator owned series like THE FUSE, STUMPTOWN, STRINGERS, WASTELAND and RESURRECTION. When not drawing, he can be found running around the East Bay with his wife Melissa and their dual wildlings, tracking down unusual produce and the occasional card game with equal vigor.

Latest Releases

Torrent #5 cover Torrent #5 Jul 5, 2023
Torrent #4 cover Torrent #4 May 31, 2023
TORRENT #3 cover TORRENT #3 Apr 26, 2023
Torrent #2 cover Torrent #2 Mar 22, 2023
TORRENT #1 cover TORRENT #1 Feb 15, 2023

Collected Editions

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