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Daniel Freedman

Daniel Freedman

Born and raised in LA, Daniel Freedman writes for page and screen. After a number of years working as a colorist for Marvel Comics, Daniel collaborated with artist Tomm Coker (Wolverine, Avengers Assemble, Daredevil Noir) and created the Image Comics miniseries: UNDYING LOVE. After it’s 2nd issue hit stands, Warner Brothers bought Undying Love, their first outright purchase of a comic book (outside their DC/Vertigo line) in seven years. In 2013, Daniel collaborated with Sina Grace (Lil’ Depressed Boy, Not my Bag and former Editor for Skybound/The Walking Dead) to bring another Image series to life: BURN THE ORPHANAGE.Check out BURN THE ORPHANAGE and UNDYING LOVE. Out now. More soon.TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM:

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