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Claudia Balboni

Claudia Balboni

Claudia Balboni is an Italian comic book artist. In 2005 she worked in various animation studios as a storyboard artist and environment designer, changing course in 2009 as a layout and pencil assistant on the Star Trek Movie Adaptation and other projects at IDW Publishing. Since then, she’s drawn comics including True Blood: French Quarter, Star Trek, Robyn Hood, Grimm Tales of Terror, and Susan Beneville’s L.I.S.: The Comic Book, as well as working with publishers including Convict Comics, Take-Two Interactive, and Bugs Comics. In 2014, she collaborated with writer Brian Schirmer and artist Jeremy Saliba on the creator-owned Black Jack Ketchum.

Balboni currently draws Fairlady, written by Brian Schirmer and colored by Marissa Louise, for Image Comics.

Latest Releases

Fairlady #5 Fairlady #5 Aug 21, 2019
Fairlady #4 Fairlady #4 Jul 17, 2019
Fairlady #3 Fairlady #3 Jun 19, 2019
Fairlady #2 Fairlady #2 May 15, 2019
Fairlady #1 Fairlady #1 Apr 10, 2019

Collected Editions

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