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Cat Staggs

Cat Staggs

Cat Staggs is an artist best known for her work on the New York Times Bestselling title Smallville Season 11 from DC Comics. Currently working on CROSSWIND, written by Gail Simone (Image Comics), Adventures of Supergirl (DC Comics), Wonder Woman '77 (DC Comics), X-Files and Orphan Black (IDW), and John Carpenter's Tales For A Halloween Night (Storm King). She has also worked on popular titles like Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman (DC), The Vampire Diaries (DC), Phantom Lady and Doll Man (DC), Star Trek (IDW), and over ten years in the Star Wars universe with Lucasfilm.

Latest Releases

Crosswind #6 Crosswind #6 Jan 3, 2018
Crosswind #5 Crosswind #5 Nov 1, 2017
Crosswind #4 Crosswind #4 Sep 27, 2017
Crosswind #3 Crosswind #3 Aug 30, 2017
Crosswind #2 Crosswind #2 Jul 26, 2017
Crosswind #1 Crosswind #1 Jun 21, 2017

Collected Editions

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