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Artyom Trakhanov

Artyom Trakhanov

Artyom Trakhanov is a Siberian-born artist residing in St. Petersburg. After his North American comics debut with Image's UNDERTOW, Artyom worked on titles like TURNCOAT and THE 7 DEADLY SINS. Artyom is returning to Image in 2020 as the artist of PROTECTOR.Artyom spends his nonexistent free time on SLAVIC NIHILISM, a creator-owned anthology that's published both in Russian and English.

Latest Releases

Protector #3 Protector #3 Mar 25, 2020
Protector #2 Protector #2 Feb 26, 2020
Stra Stra Jan 29, 2020
Virgil OGN Virgil OGN Sep 9, 2015