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Alissa Sallah

Alissa Sallah

Alissah Sallah is a cartoonist dabbling in being a colorist and editor for the Image comic Sleepless. She has worked in various anthologies such as the the Bonfire Yearly Anthology (Shonen Trump, Black Water, Silk & Metal) and Bitch Planet: Triple Feature. She has also been featured in the the Yakuza 6: The Song of Life art book and spends a sizable chunk of time/money cosplaying. Her website is and you can find her on Twitter & Instagram as @sallataire.

Latest Releases

Sleepless #10 Sleepless #10 Dec 12, 2018
Sleepless #9 Sleepless #9 Nov 14, 2018
Sleepless #8 Sleepless #8 Oct 10, 2018
Sleepless #7 Sleepless #7 Sep 12, 2018
Sleepless #6 Sleepless #6 May 9, 2018

Collected Editions

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