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Nothing to wear? How about adding a Sexual Gary T-shirt to your wardrobe?

Nothing to wear? How about adding a Sexual Gary T-shirt to your wardrobe?

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Kat Salazar

Men’s Sizes: S – XL $19.99, XXL $21.99
Women’s Sizes: S – XL $19.99, XXL $21.99
Looking for a way to say you love SEX CRIMINALS on a shirt without wearing a shirt that literally says “I LOVE SEX CRIMINALS?” Say hello to everybody’s favorite Mr. First Time, SEXUAL GARY! The background gag that won over literally dozens of fans is HERE! In shirt form! You’ve already got a “Lying Cat” shirt—so say hello to the shirt you wear on Tuesday. YOU ARE WELCOME, AMERICA.

* Buy yours at a comic book store near you!


SolandS23 — 2/23/17 @ 5:32am


SolandS23 — 2/23/17 @ 10:22pm

This shirt can add a spice to my wardrobe.  But I hope I will not offend anybody by wearing it, I don’t want to create a Papermasters prices issue about sexuality after all.

keese88 — 3/7/17 @ 10:29pm

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