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MIRROR: a staggering reflection of personhood

MIRROR: a staggering reflection of personhood

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Briah Skelly

An ethereal tale of sentience, agency, and acceptance

Emma Ríos (PRETTY DEADLY, I.D.) and Hwei Lim (Lalage, Hero) team up for MIRROR: THE MOUNTAIN, collecting the first five issues of the otherworldly fantasy into trade paperback this September. 

The mage-scientists of The Synchronia have terraformed a portion of an asteroid, a tiny fragment of a once lush world. An unexpected side effect arises in the spontaneous sentience of the animals sent to test the environmental conditions. This is the story of what happens next. MIRROR: THE MOUNTAIN includes 180 pages of story, world-building mini-comics, and extras.

MIRROR: THE MOUNTAIN TP (ISBN: 9781632158345) hits comic book stores Wednesday, September 14th and bookstores Tuesday, September 20th, and will be available for $14.99. It can be ordered by retailers with Diamond code: MAY160680. It can be preordered now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and Indigo.


“From cover to cover, it has the luminosity of stained glass.” —Pop Optiq

“The kind of book that breathes imagination into the world. It’s beautiful and heart-wrenching, emotional and visually stunning.” —Comicosity

“Emma Ríos once again proves herself to be just as fantastic a writer as she is an artist, and has found the perfect partner in Hwei Lim. Their styles, in both art and writing, perfectly compliment one another to make a gorgeous and fascinating fantasy comic that feels like nothing you’ve ever read before.” —Multiversity

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