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Image Comics Digital Connects With Dropbox

Image Comics Digital Connects With Dropbox

Posted on December 24, 2013 by Ron Richards

Image Comics Announces Dropbox Integration for Digital Comics

Reading Image Digital Comics just got easier with Dropbox Integration. Now you can sync any of your Image Digital Comics, purchased here on, to your Dropbox account with the click of a button. Keeping your entire library of DRM-free Image Digital comic files in order and accessing across all of your devices is a cinch with Dropbox. 

Now, when viewing your comics collection on the Image Website, you'll see a "Save to Dropbox" button. Click that, log in to your Dropbox account, and your comics are automatically saved to the folder of your choice.  Once your comics have been saved, you can view them the integrated Dropbox Reader or open in your choice of digital comic reader apps on your iPad, Nexus, Kindle Fire, smartphone, laptop, or any of your digital comics reading devices.

They're your comics; you own them. And now you have yet another way to store and access them, on the fly, from Dropbox.

See how easy it is with these examples of Save to Dropbox in action:


Moriven — 12/26/13 @ 11:55am

This is great news. Any chance you will extend this to SkyDrive, Google Drive, etc. In the future?

humanglowstick — 12/26/13 @ 5:31pm

I approve! This is awesome!

bugmenot — 12/27/13 @ 11:48am

Is it possible without you installing some kind of app within our Dropbox? An an app, mind you, that might be able to delete your stuff later on, which ruins the whole concept.

I’m just asking. Maybe it’s not an app and you only have permissions to upload.

Living Silver — 12/29/13 @ 7:20pm

If you are that worried about losing your comics, just download them all to your computer and back them up somewhere other than your Dropbox. Burn them onto a CD or save them on a flash drive if you are still scared that they will be deleted.
The DropBox option just makes it more convenient for us to get access to our comics- I for one think it’s great news.

Eric — 1/1/14 @ 10:36pm

Also, you can always download your comics directly from You have total access to anything you have purchased.

joejunior — 4/11/14 @ 11:41am

+1 to other cloud storage services support. Specially Google Drive. Things are looking great in the DRM-Free comic world! =D

nihal — 8/13/16 @ 7:47am

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