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Early artwork from RISE OF THE MAGI #0 released

Early artwork from RISE OF THE MAGI #0 released

Posted on April 24, 2014 by Kat Salazar

The world as we know it is at risk because the world we don’t see—the one that makes ours possible—is on the brink of destruction. From Top Cow Productions, Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, WITCHBLADE, CYBER FORCE), founder and partner at Image Comics, and artist Sumeyye Kesgin present a new fantasy adventure series set in both the worlds—magical and mundane—in which we live. 
RISE OF THE MAGI #0 will be available on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY on May 2 for readers looking for a head start on all the action. The adventure continues in RISE OF THE MAGI #1, which will be available on May 21 for $3.50. Cover A with art by Marc Silvestri can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAR140483. Cover B with art by Stjepan Sejic can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAR140484. Cover C with art by Sumeyye Kesgin can be pre-ordered with Diamond Code MAR140485. Cover D (retail incentive) with art by Marc Silvestri will be available to pre-order with Diamond Code MAR140486.


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