Tenement Webskin


The constellations of the zodiac fall to earth, granting twelve ordinary people from very different walks of life the superhuman powers of the Starsigns. But each of them is about to learn that power always comes with a price...

Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED (Miles Morales) and sci-fi star artist MEGAN LEVENS (Star Trek) launch an exciting new series about astrology, superpowers, and diverse found family, in the tradition of X-Men and Heroes.

STARSIGNS #4 STARSIGNS #4 Aug 16, 2023
Starsigns #3 Starsigns #3 Jul 12, 2023
Starsigns #2 Starsigns #2 Jun 7, 2023
Starsigns #1 Starsigns #1 May 3, 2023