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Creators: Kurtis J Wiebe

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Rat Queens #10

Rat Queens #10

April 8, 2015

Palisade is shattered and recovering from the grand battle against the Spawn of N'Rygoth while the Rat Queens try to pick up the pieces of their fractured bond. Hey, we never promised it would all be candy and drugs.

Rat Queens #9

Rat Queens #9

March 4, 2015

"THE FAR REACHING TENTACLES OF N'RYGOTH," PART FOUR. Life in Palisade is a goblet of toasty sweet mulled wine. But this issue is the skull-pounding headache the next morning when all you're left with is the consequences. And they are life-changing, awful ones at that. SPECIAL COVER BY SUPERSTAR ARTIST JENNY FRISON!

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Rat Queens #11

August 19, 2015