Holy Roller Webskin


Writer/artist JONATHAN LUNA (THE SWORD, ALEX + ADA) returns for an ONGOING FANTASY SERIES with writer CRYSTAL WOOD (The Black Ballad). In a land inspired by Southeast Asia, Princess Anya's new husband Prince Devyan is violently abducted by three giant demons at their wedding. Anya sets out on an epic journey with a growing band of loyal warriors, crossing deadly landscapes and battling horrifying demons. What will she sacrifice to save the man she loves?

Quest #5 Quest #5 Jan 31, 2024
Quest #4 Quest #4 Nov 29, 2023
QUEST #3 QUEST #3 Oct 11, 2023
QUEST #2 QUEST #2 Sep 6, 2023
QUEST #1 QUEST #1 Aug 2, 2023