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When a group of hard-luck teens in Motor City stumble upon a street drug called MPH, they gain the power of super speed. Will they use it to save the world? Hell no
Not when there's dolla, dolla bills to be had, y'all. A high-octane urban adventure, MPH brings you super speed like you've never seen before

Collected Editions

MPH TP cover MPH TP Apr 22, 2015
MPH #5 cover MPH #5 Feb 18, 2015
MPH #4 cover MPH #4 Nov 12, 2014
MPH #3 cover MPH #3 Sep 10, 2014
MPH #2 cover MPH #2 Jun 18, 2014
MPH #1 (of 5) cover MPH #1 (of 5) May 21, 2014