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Professor Moriarty is on the run: He has been framed for two murders, his identity exposed. Moriarty makes an uneasy alliance with the Jade Serpent, and together they must delve further into the world of the Black Hand and the mysterious device that holds the secret of the Dark Chamber.

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Moriarty: Endgame

Moriarty: Endgame

February 4, 2015

The original MORIARTY team of Daniel Corey (writer), Anthony Diecidue (artist), and Dave Lanphear (letters) are back, with a new MORIARTY short story that has the Professor battling Holmes in a tech-laden, post-apocalyptic future.

Moriarty #8

Moriarty #8

January 11, 2012


A full-scale riot breaks out in the streets of Kyauktada, and the British authorities sweep in to take control. The mystery begins to unravel, and Moriarty becomes aware of the lurking threat of Moran's sniper rifle hunting him in the shadows.

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