Holy Roller Webskin



In Feudal Era Japan a drifter with no prospects begins training in secret under Yasuke a once-famous displaced disgraced warrior as she struggles to find her place in a society entrenched in discrimination and violence.

Combining the historical sweep and elegance of Kurosawa with the visceral action of Tarantino this saga follows the trials and tribulations of a young female warrior who travels the countryside unendingly as she works to gain the rank of Samurai-a title no man monster or myth can give to her but one that she will have to take for herself.

Collected Editions

Hitomi #4 Hitomi #4 Jan 25, 2023
Hitomi #3 Hitomi #3 Dec 21, 2022
Hitomi #2 Hitomi #2 Nov 23, 2022
Hitomi #1 Hitomi #1 Oct 12, 2022