An eons-long series of multiverse wars between demons and witches has found Earth as its latest and final battleground. The battle pits NECRONEMA, the ever-expanding demonic land that supplanted the Midwest twenty years ago, against EDENWOOD, the witchcraft-controlled land that acts as a barrier against the war zone and the rest of the U.S. RION, a young DEMON HUNTER, is thrust into the role of hero and leader after defeating a magical demon called a GATHER, a transient demon with the power to cross any barrier or dimension.

Summoned by the WITCH WAR COUNCIL, Rion must assemble an elite team of DEMON HUNTERS tasked with annihilating a list of targets within the demon-controlled lands. The men and women he selects happen to be the most famous and revered demon hunters of all time, dating back to the 1700s.

Collected Editions

Edenwood #5 cover Edenwood #5 Feb 28, 2024
Edenwood #3 cover Edenwood #3 Dec 27, 2023
EDENWOOD #2 cover EDENWOOD #2 Nov 29, 2023
EDENWOOD #1 cover EDENWOOD #1 Oct 25, 2023