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Witchblade #92

Series: Witchblade

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Sara Pezzini celebrates a decade of wielding the Witchblade, and she's brought along a lot of friends! Witchblade's 10th Anniversary brings the most important and most requested story ever: the origin of the Witchblade! Faithful readers will be rewarded with the answers to the questions they've asked for a decade, while new readers will be treated to a perfect entry point to the series. Ron Marz, who has reinvigorated Witchblade since taking over the writing duties, teams with a dozen artistic superstars! Ten years in the making don't miss this one! Art by: Mike Choi, Darwyn Cooke, Eric Basaldua, Keu Cha, Luke Ross, Francis Manapul, Rodolfo Migliari, Brandon Peterson, Bart Seards, Terry Dodgson, Chris Bachalo, George Perez, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Marc Silvestri. Inks by: Jeff de los Santos, Kevin Conrad, Andy Smith, Rachel Dodson, Tim Townsend, Mike Perkins, Joe Weems, and Matt "Batt" Banning. Colors by: Sonia Oback, Chris Bachalo, and Steve Firchow.



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