Infernals Webskin

Witchblade #112

FIRST BORN tie-in issue! A new life has entered the world ... but that life, as well as the world, might be in more than danger than ever before. Following the shocking events of FIRST BORN #3 , who will protect Sara's Pezzini's baby from agents of the warring Darkness and Angelus? Is rookie Witchblade bearer Dani Baptiste anywhere near ready for the job?

FIRST BORN architect Ron Marz ( ION, SAMURAI: HEAVEN AND EARTH ) is joined in the final of three very special FIRST BORN tie-in issues by the veteran art team of Rick Leonardi ( JLA, SUPERMAN RETURNS), Kevin Nowlan (BATMAN: BLACK and WHITE, SUPERMAN v. ALIENS) and cover artist Mike Mayhew ( VAMPIRELLA, THE PULSE ).



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