Spawn Origins HC, Vol. 14

Series: Spawn

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Spawn battles old adversaries while Nyx seeks help from the Vodou community. Al Simmons struggles to recover lost memories and uncovers his family's connection to Hell. The story also introduces Gunslinger Spawn, exploring the intriguing intersection between a hero of the Old West and aiming to bring Hell to the high plains.
Collects SPAWN Issues #164-176



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Collected Editions


Spawn #357 cover Spawn #357 Aug 28, 2024
Spawn #356 cover Spawn #356 Jul 31, 2024
Spawn #355 cover Spawn #355 Jul 17, 2024
Spawn #354 cover Spawn #354 Jun 19, 2024
Spawn #353 cover Spawn #353 May 15, 2024
Spawn #352 cover Spawn #352 Apr 17, 2024