Geiger Webskin

Shutter #23

NEW STORY ARC, "SO FAR BEYOND"! THE FINAL ACT BEGINS NOW! SHUTTER's final storyline begins with Kate Kristopher in the most dangerous spot she's been in yet, as she's picking up the pieces in the wake of lives lost. Everything comes to a head as we learn the answer to every single question, every last mystery, and all the truths behind the lies we've learned. If SHUTTER's second act finale proved anything, it's that no one's safe from what's coming. PLEASE NOTE: This extended-length final arc will not be collected for some time after it ends, so readers of SHUTTER VOL. 4: ALL ROADS TP's shocking ending are highly encouraged to sign up for the single issues' duration.

Collected Editions


Shutter #30 cover Shutter #30 Jul 26, 2017
Shutter #29 cover Shutter #29 Jun 28, 2017
Shutter #28 cover Shutter #28 Mar 22, 2017
Shutter #27 cover Shutter #27 Feb 22, 2017
Shutter #26 cover Shutter #26 Jan 25, 2017
Shutter #25 cover Shutter #25 Dec 28, 2016