Tenement Webskin

Savior #2

Series: Savior

A tragic airline crash has killed hundreds. Why? And because of the massive catastrophe, a small town braces itself for the onslaught of news media invading their city. But the biggest mystery may be the man who randomly walked out of the corn fields following the crash. Who is he? Where did he come from? And why can’t he remember if he was a passenger on that fatal plane? This second issue is FULLY-PAINTED by artist CLAYTON CRAIN.


Collected Editions


Savior #8 Savior #8 Nov 18, 2015
Savior #7 Savior #7 Oct 14, 2015
Savior #6 Savior #6 Sep 9, 2015
Savior #5 Savior #5 Aug 12, 2015
Savior #4 Savior #4 Jul 8, 2015
Savior #3 Savior #3 Jun 10, 2015