Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #79

Series: Savage Dragon

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While sleeping, Dragon and the young women under his care are attacked by a gigantic maggot. Dragon manages to tear its tongue out, but before he and his companions can dine on its carcass, the meat is stolen by Rita Medermade, who has been enlarged to 60-feet in height by a Martian shrinking ray during the invasion a few years prior. The battle against the crazed Medermade is joined by the vigilante Star - who in this savage new world is none other than former Police Officer William Jonson, who lets Dragon in on why there is such a huge bounty on his head - because of a failed assassination attempt on King Khan, aka Cyberface. Dragon is then captured by Cyberface's minions, but not before he can return Rita to her normal height and mental capacity.

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