Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #77

Series: Savage Dragon

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Dragon is attacked by a creature called Crustacean, but is rescued by a familiar face - a future version of WildStar, who has travelled to the present to prevent his younger self from being beaten. To prevent him from doing further damage to reality, Dragon attempts to stop him, but is unable to do so. Both versions of WildStar fill him in on the state of affairs - they tell him that 'cosmic cops,' Martians, and Gods took turns invading Earth, leaving it a broken planet, that SuperPatriot is a government pawn, that Mighty Man died with Robert Berman, that Freak Force is unheard of, and that Dragon himself had gone bezerk and destoryed half of the city. Dragon realizes that his mind must have somehow transferred into the head of the Dragon of this new reality - a head with a $25,000,000 bounty upon it.

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