Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #121

CONCEPT: Found naked in a burning field, the amnesiac green-skinned man who would become the Savage Dragon was recruited by the Chicago Police to help them fight their war on crime. Years later, ex-cop Savage Dragon saved the world from a deadly menace from space and a deadlier dictator who had taken control of the Earth itself. Now, married to the woman he loves, he struggles to rebuild this savage planet. THIS ISSUE: "The Running Man," Part Three: The Day After The awful aftermath! Chaos ensues as the new Commander In Chief contends with friends and foes alike! It's a whole new role for our fin-headed hero! The contenders on all sides are shocked by the results and waste no time challenging them. Makes that whole "hanging chad" debacle from four years back look like a walk in the park. Plus a Jennifer Dragon story by Erik Larsen and Clint Hilinski set in the days just prior to her reappearance in Chicago!

Cover A

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