Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #120

"The Running Man," Part 2: Election Day CONCEPT: Found naked in a burning field, the amnesiac green-skinned man who would become the Savage Dragon was recruited by the Chicago Police to help them fight their war on crime. Years later, ex-cop Savage Dragon saved the world from a deadly menace from space and a deadlier dictator who had taken control of the Earth itself. Now, married to the woman he loves, he struggles to rebuild this savage planet. THIS ISSUE: "The Running Man," Part 2: Election Day-The votes have been cast! The decision has been made! Candidates on the right and left are astounded to find that a write-in campaign for Savage Dragon has yielded amazing results! Forces at work have compelled the populace to embrace Savage Dragon, but will it be enough to put our man in the White House? And what of the man behind the candidate, Vice Presidential nominee Ronald Winston Urass? And does our hapless hero even want the job if he gets it? It's a brand new chapter and a bold new direction for SAVAGE DRAGON! Plus, an all-new Dart and Horridus yarn by ERIK LARSEN, RAFAEL KRAS and RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE.

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