Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #119

The Running Man, Part One: Bush Whacked CONCEPT: Found naked in a burning field, the amnesiac green-skinned man who would become the Savage Dragon was recruited by the Chicago Police to help them fight their war on crime. Years later, ex-cop Savage Dragon saved the world from a deadly menace from space and a deadlier dictator who had taken control of the Earth itself. Now, married to the woman he loves, he struggles to rebuild this savage planet. THIS ISSUE: "The Running Man," Part One: Bush Whacked-Forces are driving the masses to embrace Savage Dragon as their candidate of choice. Things are not right in Washington as the President of the United States spends the few days leading up to the impending election readying the country for war: a war with the super-powered beings that police the very planet. But things are not always what they seem, and the President is in more danger than he, or anybody else, knows. Plus, an all-new Rock vs. Zeek yarn by Erik Larsen and Frank Fosco.

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