Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #117

Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams: Powerless, part 2 Found unconscious and naked in a burning field, the super-powered amnesiac was recruited by the Chicago Police to help fight their war on crime. Now, the ex-cop fights a never-ending battle to restore order to a world in chaos. Savage Dragon fights to save the city of Chicago and the world itself from the sinister forces of evil. THIS ISSUE: "POWERLESS!"-With Savage Dragon's heartbroken lovely wife stripped of her superhuman power, Dragon recruits a familiar friend to help him wage his war on crime. Another pulse-pounding, action-packed, tension-filled tale by SAVAGE DRAGON creator Erik Larsen! Plus a NEW Mighty Man feature by Erik Larsen and Mark Englert! Over 30 pages of comic book goodness for the same low price! The biggest bargain in comics!

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