Geiger Webskin

Savage Dragon #107

Savage Dragon welcomes the heroes of the new Image Universe in grand style! When one of Major Damage's foes, a rampaging Tiki monster tears across the United States, Invincible and Firebreather go into action to stop it with Major Damage himself thrown in for good measure! Can even our humble hero, the ever-Savage Dragon, hope to halt this mountain rending mayhem? Well, we can only hope. On the flip-side, 8-year old Melvin Grimes is obsessed with Major Damage, the comic book and video game hero who protects the earth from mutants, monsters and alien scum! Dressed as his favorite hero, Melvin is abducted by the Mucus Men from Outer Space. Held captive, the helpless child can only shudder in horror as the aliens begin to experiment. Where is Major Damage when he really needs him?

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