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Rocket Girl #2

Writer: Brandon Montclare
Artist / Cover: Amy Reeder
Published: November 13, 2013
Diamond ID: SEP130633
Age Rating: E


Teen future-cop DaYoung Johansson hits 1980s NYC like a meteor. People can't get enough of the Rocket Girl: she's fighting crime, saving citizens, and causing a sensation. But she's also trying to right a wrong in a mystery so deep it could change the future forever. There's a lot more going on here than anyone knows about — and it might be more than the 15-year-old super detective can handle.

"A time-travelling teen police force is the stuff my dreams are made of. It's drawn elegantly and masterfully by Amy Reeder. It looks like she and Brandon Montclare came up with the perfect story to go wild on."

—FIONA STAPLES, artist of the Eisner Award-winning ongoing series SAGA

Digital : $1.99
Print: $3.50

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Published: December 6, 2017

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Rocket Girl, Vol. 1: Times Squared TP

Published: July 9, 2014

Print: $9.99

Digital: $7.99

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