Ringside #1

THE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING EPIC BEGINS IN AN OVER-SIZED FIRST ISSUE! RINGSIDE is an ongoing series set within the world of professional wrestling, written by JOE KEATINGE (SHUTTER, GLORY, TECH JACKET) and drawn by acclaimed illustrator NICK BARBER, combining the ensemble drama of THE WALKING DEAD with interconnected rotating perspectives akin to The Wire. Each issue will explore the relationship between art and industry from the view of the wrestlers themselves, the creatives they work with, the suits in charge and the fans cheering them all on. But that's just the beginning. The real violence is outside the ring.


Collected Editions


Ringside #15 cover Ringside #15 Apr 4, 2018
Ringside #14 cover Ringside #14 Jan 24, 2018
Ringside #13 cover Ringside #13 Nov 15, 2017
Ringside #12 cover Ringside #12 Oct 4, 2017
Ringside #11 cover Ringside #11 Aug 30, 2017
Ringside #10 cover Ringside #10 May 24, 2017