Echo Webskin

Paklis #1

Do you accept the life you've been handed, or do you step into the unknown, even as it leads you into the shadows? In this new anthology series from writer/artist DUSTIN WEAVER, the characters in three mind-bending stories find themselves faced with this question. In “MUSHROOM BODIES,” Greg struggles with knowing what’s real and fears becoming complacent in a world of human insects. In the first installment of “SAGITTARIUS A*,” war hero Linus Rad is on a mission to the center of the galaxy to learn the dark secrets of his dead father’s scientific experiments. In the first chapter of “AMNIA CYCLE,” Tara, a young Jet-Wing pilot, goes AWOL in the war against the Nuriel in order to help Amnia, a mysterious alien with no memory of where she came from and a desperate need to stop a terrible disaster! When Amnia disappears, it sends Tara on an adventure into the Shadow Zone. Step into the unknown. Journey into the shadows. There you’ll find PAKLIS.


Paklis #5 Paklis #5 Sep 27, 2017
Paklis #4 Paklis #4 Aug 30, 2017
Paklis #3 Paklis #3 Jul 26, 2017
Paklis #2 Paklis #2 Jun 28, 2017
Paklis #1 Paklis #1 May 31, 2017