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Lovesick #1


The LOVESICK CLUB is an exclusive subscribers-only site on the dark web that offers the best in erotic and ultra-violent entertainment. There matriarch Domino and her fellow dominatrixes punish and torture none other than their own loyal subscribers many of whom pay good money to meet their end by her hand in front of a large anonymous audience.

But in the eyes of her rage-filled haters Domino is the MOTHER DEMON a deranged succubus who oppresses men by turning them into her slaves. For this crime against men she must be hunted down and PUNISHED.

After BOLERO and GOSPEL FOR A NEW CENTURY LUANA VECCHIO invites you to explore the furthest limits of consent idolatry hate and love in this modern blood and neon-soaked horror saga that's not for the faint of heart.

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