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Kill Or Be Killed #5

Story: Ed Brubaker
Art: Elizabeth Breitweiser, Sean Phillips
Cover: Sean Phillips
Published: January 18, 2017
Diamond ID: NOV160562


BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’ runaway bestseller just keeps going! Now that we've seen the origin of our killer, it's only a matter of time before the NYPD realizes they have a vigilante on their streets. The first issue of this new arc releases the same day as the first KILL OR BE KILLED trade, and is a perfect jumping on point for readers who've missed out so far. And every issue has all the backpage extras that BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS fans have come to expect.

Digital : $1.99
Print: $3.99

Sneak Previews (4):

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Kill Or Be Killed, Vol. 1 TP

Published: January 18, 2017

Print: $9.99

Digital: $7.99

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