Infernals Webskin

Kaya #10

Lost in a dark and dangerous realm Jin makes a deal to escape. But what has he promised in the bargain-and to whom? Meanwhile Kaya continues her search for Jin with an unexpected ally while her friends fight off a Mutant ambush and not all of them will survive! "Kaya in the Poison Lands"

approaches its epic conclusion.

Featuring a variant cover by head-lopping metal lord ANDREW MACLEAN!



Cover A

Collected Editions

KAYA TP cover KAYA TP Mar 22, 2023


Kaya #16 cover Kaya #16 Mar 6, 2024
Kaya #15 cover Kaya #15 Feb 7, 2024
Kaya #14 cover Kaya #14 Jan 10, 2024
Kaya #13 cover Kaya #13 Nov 29, 2023
KAYA #12 cover KAYA #12 Oct 11, 2023
KAYA #11 cover KAYA #11 Sep 20, 2023