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Kaptara #1

Series: Kaptara

A space expedition goes horribly wrong because if it didn’t there would be no story! Reluctant explorer Keith Kanga and his crew crash land on KAPTARA, a world filled with danger and weird danger and dangerous weirdos! And if he can’t survive, then Earth, the place where YOU live, is doomed! Join CHIP ZDARSKY (Sex Criminals the Duck) and KAGAN McLEOD (Infinite Kung Fu) as they put the “fi” back into “sci-fi” and pretty much disregard the “sci” part in this epic story of punching and love!

Collected Editions


Kaptara #5 Kaptara #5 Nov 25, 2015
Kaptara #4 Kaptara #4 Aug 5, 2015
Kaptara #3 Kaptara #3 Jun 24, 2015
Kaptara #2 Kaptara #2 May 20, 2015
Kaptara #1 Kaptara #1 Apr 22, 2015