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Head Lopper #6

Story / Art / Cover: Andrew MacLean
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Variant Cover: Benjamin Marra
Published: June 21, 2017
Diamond ID: APR170815

“QUEST FOR THE CRYSTAL EYES” The search for the Crystal Eyes begins. Norgal and Agatha try one door, Zhaania and Xho another. What terrors lie in wait beyond? What traps are set for springing? Only Ulrich the Twice Damned knows for certain. The way forward is unclear but our heroes press on into the strange.

Digital : $5.99
Print: $5.99

Collected Editions

Head Lopper, Vol. 1: The Island Or A Plague Of Beasts TP

Published: October 5, 2016

Print: $19.99

Digital: $15.99

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