Tenement Webskin

Descender #22

NEW STORYLINE! "RISE OF THE ROBOTS," Part One THE FIRST DESCENDER EVENT STARTS HERE! Tim-22 makes his move on Telsa and Quon, Andy and Effie attack the Machine Moon, and Psius and The Hardwire have Tim-21 in their grips. As the various factions hunting Tim-21 close in, the galaxy is on the verge of all-out war. This is it! Everything DESCENDER has been building to begins to erupt in the most important and surprising DESCENDER storyline yet! This five-part DESCENDER event will include a series of interlocking variant covers by LEMIRE and NGUYEN!

Collected Editions


Descender #32 Descender #32 Jul 25, 2018
Descender #31 Descender #31 Jun 27, 2018
Descender #30 Descender #30 May 30, 2018
Descender #29 Descender #29 Apr 18, 2018
Descender #28 Descender #28 Mar 21, 2018
Descender #27 Descender #27 Feb 21, 2018

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