Geiger Webskin

Criminal, Vol. 1: Coward TP

The bestselling crime series returns to print in strikingly designed new editions from Image, starting where it all began: CRIMINAL, VOL. 1: COWARD—a new take on noir that turned the heist story on its head and created a whole new underworld for BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS to explore.

BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’ recent series FATALE and The FADE OUT have brought their work to a wider audience of new readers, and now is the perfect time to show them the work that made the award-winning team’s reputation!

"Brubaker and Phillips’ books have always been about eight years ahead of their time."

-Brian K. Vaughan

Collected Editions


Criminal #12 cover Criminal #12 Jan 29, 2020
Criminal #11 cover Criminal #11 Dec 25, 2019
Criminal #10  cover Criminal #10 Nov 27, 2019
Criminal #9 cover Criminal #9 Oct 23, 2019
Criminal #8 cover Criminal #8 Sep 25, 2019
Criminal #7 cover Criminal #7 Aug 21, 2019