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Copra, Round 4 TP

The return of the world’s favorite revenge team is marked by back-to-back brutality and psychedelic suspense. Our team gets served the same penalties they’ve dished out in the wake of a prison break, an unstoppable assassin, and a seminal showdown. Keep up as COPRA’s kill list gets checked off at the peak of their mondo bizarro bloodlust. Collects COPRA #19-24 TRIM SIZE: 6.5” x 10”



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Collected Editions


Copra #4 Copra #4 Jan 1, 2020
Copra #3 Copra #3 Dec 4, 2019
Copra #2 Copra #2 Nov 6, 2019
Copra #1 Copra #1 Oct 2, 2019